Do You suffer with emotional eating?

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A sisterhood community and coaching space for women struggling with emotional eating.

Welcome to The Transforming Health Hub where we show you how to find freedom with food and peace your body through habit change so you can step into a life full of self love where you can live freely & eat fearlessly!


THINK EAT: Mindfully

Eating with INTENTION and ATTENTION which brings you into the present moment to help disconnect from harmful eating habits and behaviors so you can have a flexible, FUN, sustainable and NOURISHING relationship with food


THINK Love: Whole-heartedly

Love starts with YOU. Loving yourself fully means accepting you as you are NOW in the present moment so you can finally give yourself the space to TRANSFORM and GROW into the truest, most vibrant version of YOU!


THINK Live: Unapologetically

Speak and own you TRUTH. It’s the only place that will set you FREE. Continuous SELF-CARE and SUPPORT leads to OPTIMAL HEALTH: Physical, Emotional, Spiritual.


What is the hub?

A collaboration of habit change and learning the art of mindful eating that will change YOUR life!
Here at The Hub we will show you how to live a life that lights you up so you can ditch the diet cycle and say hello to really LIVING you best life!

We work with women struggling with emotional eating in a connected, supportive, compassionate and kick ass space.

Eat fearless!Feel Free! is the program that teaches you to be different without having to remember to be different!