Our Values

Truth. Freedom. Making a Difference. Compassion. Integrity. Fun. Health.

Our Vision

Empowering women to own their truth and lead by example so that they can inspire a generation.

Our Mission

To help women eat fearlessly. Love Wholeheartedly and Live unapologetically!

Meet Georgie Mahmoud, the Hub Founder

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Hi I’m Georgie!

Born and bred in South Africa before moving to the UK on my own at 19, I’ve always been a free spirit. Then after 14 years in London we decided to move down under to Melbourne, Australia. I have two beautiful little girls, Olive and Diana.

My life as always been in the health and well-being world. I started as a competitive swimmer from the age of 10 years old and then when I finished school I worked as a fitness instructor at our local gym, Virgin Active, while studying Sports Science. I continued to work as a personal trainer in the UK for a couple of years before trading that all in for an admin/corporate lifestyle. This lasted a few years and then I was back into the health and well-being world. “You can take the girl out of the health and well-being world but you can’t take the health and well-being world out of the girl!!”

As a Certified Transformational Health Coach, specializing in Mindful Eating I create a safe space for women so they can access their truth and experience freedom from within. I coach and educate women on how to trust their body’s innate wisdom.


Before transforming my health through coaching and education, my inner being was living a very dark life:

Huge sigh as I write this....There is still some pain in telling this story... It's really hard to believe that this was me!

I was 13 when I was told to lose weight for swimming.. I had always been athletic looking but never overweight. In that moment I felt so insecure and knew that I would never be good enough unless I looked a certain way. And so my love hate relationship with food and my body began. The advice given then was eat less & move more in order to lose weight. That is exactly what I did!! It started off as simple dieting.

However, by the age of 15 I had an eating disorder. Bulimia had taken over my life. At first I felt empowered because I was slim and looked exactly what I thought society wanted me to look like but then it spiraled out of control. At school my grades dropped, I was passing out in class, at swimming I couldn’t concentrate, I felt powerless, lonely, fucking terrified. I was trapped in my own body and mind.

From the outside I looked "ok" but on the inside my body was slowly shutting down.

As I moved into my twenties everything I ate went straight through me. I was in a lot of pain and struggling to function. I was diagnosed with IBS and PCOS at 19. I had diarrhea, constipation, severe bloating and pain every single day for 6 years.

My weight fluctuated both gaining and losing the same 5-10 kgs for about 6 years.

I wore mostly floaty type dresses to hide the bloat and because it was waay more comfortable than trying to wear jeans . I got mistaken for a pregnant lady on the train a few times because of the bloat.

I tried every over the counter drug for IBS. Every diet they recommended for IBS. But nothing worked. There was even a point where I was only eating macadamia nuts cause I just had enough of food. But my weight continued to fluctuate and mostly I felt like shit.

One of my biggest lessons in life has been to trust my body and to trust the process. With all the skills, knowledge and experience that I have gained throughout my life so far, I now have the ability to guide people to a place where they are fully trusting their own body, mind and soul.

10 things you might not know about me!

  1. I’m half Welsh and half South African. It’s not very often I mention my Welsh background, so there you go!!

  2. I am also part Mermaid- I spent most of my childhood and teens in the water. We had a heated outdoor pool growing up so we swam all year round!

  3. Love Travelling!! I have been to so many places but if I had to pick my fav place (besides where I live in Melbourne) I would have to say when I did a road trip down to the South Island of New Zealand. Wow just wow!!

  4. My first ever job was working as a waitress at 17 years old….it lasted a whole month!!

  5. I love charity shops, you can find some really awesome clothes in them if you’re willing to look.

  6. I was a swimming teacher and owned a swim school for 4 years in the UK

  7. I only really learned to cook in 2015 (I was 30). I love cooking and creating plant-based meals!

  8. One of my Fav movies is Bad Moms but I have a love for really old movies I just love seeing what it was like “back in the day” and how far we have come as women!!

  9. I named my daughters after movie characters; Olive after the little girl in Little Miss Sunshine and Diana after Wonder Woman.

  10. I have a LOVE of education and just can't stop learning... This means I'm always reading a personal development book, listening to podcasts, and am currently a certified Health Coach, Transformational Coach, Mastery Coach and Mindful Eating Coach. I am currently in the process of learning Functional Nutrition: Digestive Intensive.