Is your self-worth determined by what you weigh?


Is your self worth determined by what you weigh? Here’s how to break the cycle to live a free and intuitive life

Goggles gripped in hand, long ponytail tightly tucked under a pale blue cap, I stood in my swimsuit, waiting to be weighed. 11 years old, terrified of what would the scales divulge, I felt sick.

That sickness stayed with me for over twenty years.

The power of the scale

The minute we are born, we are weighed. Our weight is monitored in hospital and at every maternal health nurse visit. From birth, we are defined by the ‘number’ on the scale.

As babies, of course, we wouldn’t have a clue! But when this carries on through life, the repercussions are significant.

As a young swimmer, the number recorded by my coach determined my worth. If it was higher than it was ‘meant to be’ then I wasn’t a good enough swimmer. I wasn’t worthy of the opportunity to represent my club, I obviously hadn’t trained hard enough, or eaten the ‘right way’.

I brought this mindset right through my teenage years and early adult life.

No matter what, the number on the scale determined my health, happiness, self-worth and value. It shaped my life.

I thought that, if I was the ‘right’ weight then everything was OK and I was fine. Never mind that I was broken inside. Dealing with so many internal health problems - IBS, PCOS, an eating disorder - so long as it that number was where it was supposed to be, all was OK in my world.


Living this way was not sustainable. Recording calories, counting ‘points’, being dictated to by the weight on the scale and living in constant fear of not being good enough finally broke me. I didn’t know how to live without knowing that number. If it was ‘wrong’ then I felt wrong too. I certainly didn’t love myself, and believed that no-one else would either.

Why do we attach this meaning to our weight?

It is inherently present in our society, influenced by the endless impressions created by the media, advertising, social media, personal conversation and interaction. However unintentionally, we pass the importance of the ‘number on the scale’ from generation to generation.

But we are more than this.

Our self-love, worth, value and health are all internal. We can take care of ourselves without being dictated to by that horrible, defining ‘number’.

Imagine what it would feel like to be free. To live intuitively. To trust our bodies to know what they need, and our minds to understand it.

Believe me, it is possible. And it’s a beautiful space to be.


Break the cycle

For many of us, getting rid of the scale is confronting and scary. So, if you’re not ready to fully let go, next time you go to weigh yourself, simply pause for a minute and ask yourself why. What’s the intention? Why do you need to step on that scale and see how much you weigh? Question what society has led us to believe and think about how it affects you.

 But if this resonates with you and you’re ready to release the attachment - go ahead. Throw out your scale. Get in tune with your mind and body and be guided by how you feel. It’s exciting, liberating and such a relief!

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