You are constantly told you are not good enough. Not skinny enough. Not beautiful enough. Not smart enough. Not perfect enough.

We get it! There is massive pressure in our society to fit into generally accepted norms of what an ideal body looks like. Buying into these ideals can cause lifelong stress and create incredibly unhealthy habits that can cause a lot of challenges and heartache.

Don’t forget, you’re supposed to have the body of a supermodel, big boobs, tight abs, no stretch marks, no wrinkles, and the confidence of a Hollywood star.

How unrealistic is that?!

 This can so easily lead to so many things including:

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Disordered Eating

  • Poor body image

  • Body dysmorphia

  • Lack of motivation

  • Fear about making a mistake

  • Not knowing what you should do to be happy & healthy

  • Plus so much more…

Luckily there IS something you can do to STOP that downward spiral and start gaining the tools and the confidence you need to tackle this head on right now!

 Imagine how will it feel to...

  •  To eat the foods you love fearlessly, without guilt or the worry of overeating

  • Learn how to trust your natural ability to eat the right amounts of food that feel amazing to YOU

  • Cope with stress and relieve boredom in fulfilling, fun, easy ways

  • Make sure your needs, wants, and desires are taken care of with NO guilt

  • Increase your confidence and self esteem

  • Develop a trust in your body’s intuition and wisdom

  • Learn to love your entire self - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual

  • Be grateful and appreciative for your body, your unique abilities and incredible gifts

  • Accept your body as it is and care for it in a way that feels amazing to you

  • Create healthy habits that will serve you for your entire life


Fit Your Business into Your Life is created for :

  • Think that happiness or social acceptance comes with a certain weight or clothing size

  • Have a negative body image

  • Are lacking confidence and self esteem

  • Obsess about everything they eat and have considered dieting, counting calories, or jumping on the latest cleanse fad just to lose a few kgs

  • Feel guilty when they eat certain foods

  • Think about food all the time

  • Labels foods as "good" and "bad"

  • Are triggered by certain foods that they find difficult to have in the house or once they start can't stop eating.

  • Use willpower to stay away from certain foods

  • Eat quickly and generally feel dissatisfied after a meal

  • Have meals or snacks while doing other things such as driving, working, watching tv, etc.

  • Feel deprived when they don't get to eat what they want.

  • Have very strong sugar cravings

  • Are confused about what they are "supposed" to eat.

  • Eat because they are stressed, bored, anxious, or just emotional

  • They loathe their body and want to change it.

  • Feel they need to exercise to earn the right to eat


This program is created to address these harmful behaviours head on and teach you how to listen to your body and eat foods that make you feel great, respect yourself, embrace your body, and cope with the stresses of life in a healthy, productive way.

There IS a BETTER way of being.

Learning to take the guilt out of food, the stress out of self care and the negativity out of your relationship with your body will make every single day more simple, more calm, and will allow you to truly develop the ability to eat fearlessly and have freedom in your body!