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Mindful Eating & Self-Care Workshops

  • The Junction to be confirmed Toronto Canada (map)

Fearless Eating & Movement Workshop

Tickets: $80

Become Bad-ass and Fearless in eating and living!!
Join us for PROSECCO, CHOCOLATE & a night totally dedicated to YOU!

THINK EAT: Mindfully
Eating with INTENTION and ATTENTION which brings you into the present moment to help disconnect from harmful habits and behaviors so you can have a FUN, enjoyable and NOURISHING relationship with food

THINK Love: Whole-heartedly
Love starts with YOU. Loving yourself fully means accepting you as you are NOW in the present moment so you can finally give yourself the space to TRANSFORM and GROW into the truest, most vibrant version of YOU!

THINK Live: Unapologetically
Live in the present moment. It’s the only place the exists. Continuous SELF-CARE and SUPPORT leads to OPTIMAL HEALTH: Physical, Emotional, Spiritual.

Who is the Workshop for:

Women and teens who love to move their body through various exercise AND:

  • Think about food all the time

  • Labels foods as "good" and "bad"

  • Triggered by certain foods that you find difficult to have in the house or once you start you can't stop eating.

  • Uses will power to stay away from certain foods

  • Eats fast

  • Eats while doing other things like, driving, working, watching tv.

  • Confused about what you "should" be eating.

  • Exercises to earn the right to eat 

  • Criticizes and judges they way to look

What you will learn:

  • Learn simple techniques that will help you to start decreasing mindless eating and sugar cravings.

  • How to tap into your body’s own primitive built-in systems of hunger and fullness.

  • How to release yourself from negative judgments like guilt and shame with food and your body.

  • How to slow down and savor every mouthful of food.

  • How to incorporate mindful eating in all areas of your life.

  • Get crystal clear on how you can start transforming your health through the Transforming Health Hub.

What’s included in the Workshop:

  • Sparkling prosecco and Chocolate

  • Handouts and Notebook Journal

  • Being part of the Free & Fearless Collective

  • 2 hour empowering experience of mindful eating and self-care

  • Discount Investment when joining The Hub.

  • 30 min FREE Clarity Consultation